This week’s share- cabbage, red onions and pears?

This weeks share was a disappointing. Cabbage… pears….kohlrabi??   Now I have no issues with any of those vegetables or fruits on their own, and if it were October 1st I’d be thrilled… But it’s early August and I’m getting pears? Earth to my CSA… Summer is NOT over!!!!  Where are my heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, late season stone fruits?? As Amy Winehouse says ‘What kind of f#ckery is this??”  I feel hoodwinked… bamboozled!  I give you $18 hard earned dollars, still warm and moist from the August sun (ha… gross), and you give me pears?  Sub-optimal.  In protest, I have been eating nothing but wine and cheese for dinner this week (ok protest = lazy), but I think it’s time to woman up, and start thinking of what I’m going to do with the lot that I’ve been given.  Here’s a breakdown of some things to do with this week’s CSA

1 head Purple Cabbage: Hmm I generally equate green or savoy cabbage with summer (slaw, fish tacos, etc). I generally braise or stew red cabbage, but I think it might go nicely in a salad.  This one (red cabbage, green bean and feta salad) looks nice and summery. My boyfriend randomly bought a rabbit last week at the butcher, so I may try to recreate a German or Austrian rabbit and cabbage dish… Never cooked rabbit… so stay tuned for that.

Red onions: What am I going to do with 4 big red onions?  No really… what am I going to do with them? Nobody’s breath can take 4 red onions in a week. You could pickle them.  Fajitas with this copycat Chipotle recipe? I think I’ll try and make mine into a chutney or marmalade this weekend.  That way they’ll last for a while.

2 tomatoes: 1st week in August and 2 measly tomatoes. They’ve already been eaten. I will be going to the farmer’s market this weekend for more.

Kohlrabi: Kohlrabi is a veggie many people aren’t familiar with. They are the weird orb veggies in the picture above.  Kohlrabi tastes like a mix of cabbage and broccoli stems.   They are great raw in salad, steamed and mashed, roasted, or curried!

Lacinto/Tuscan kale- One of my favorite types of kale. IMO (in my opinion) this is the best type of kale for salads. But it’s also amazing simply sauteed with a bit of garlic, salt and pepper, or in soups.  My go-to meal on nights when I’m too lazy to cook is usually a brown rice and kale bowl.  So easy and SOOOO good. I’ll post later in the week.

Pears- As disgusted as I was about getting pears in August, I’m eating one right now and it’s delicious!  One of my favorite salads highlights pears and endive (this salad is delicious, people. Please try it!).  Pear and Gorgonzola is an awesome combo… actually that might be good on a pizza with some of those red onions.  Challenge accepted!

Well there you have it.  What did you get in your CSA this week?

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